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Since we began our blog on, we’ve been working on giving you the best tools to make healthy living fun and simple, as it should be. Today marks the soft launch of our latest venture, The Sigla Shop. 

We’re health nuts. Our health is our priority. Feeling good is our priority. Being the best versions of ourselves is our priority. But, we are also foodies. Exploring and trying different cuisines gets us going, discovering new ways to cook produce makes us happy, and visiting grocery stores is more fun than daunting. 

Food is everything to us, but so is our health. We’ve been dreaming of a shop that would cater to people like us. We tried to envision what that might look like… would it just have food? We thought that living well doesn’t just begin and end with what we eat. A lot of consideration is made for everything we put into our bodies, from our hair to our skin, and what we surround ourselves with in our homes greatly contributes to a happy and healthy life. 

After months’ worth of testing, tasting, and research later, our shop was born. The Sigla Shop exists to give you only the best tools to care for your mind, body, and home. We’ve made sure that our shop is a safe space for you to discover and select your new favorite self-care and lifestyle essentials.

We know there are many products that cater to our kind of standards, so we’re bringing them to you. We’ve inspected the labels of numerous products so you won’t have to. Every product in our shop has been thoughtfully considered in terms of ingredients, sugar content, packaging, material, quality-- the list goes on and on.

We hope you enjoy the experience of shopping in this space. Know that we always have you in mind when selecting our products. We have also committed to using sustainable materials in our packaging, such as recycled paper to cushion your goods and sleeves made from cassava to eliminate the use of plastic. 

We’re also launching our own line of Sigla goods. We believe you should have fewer, but better quality goods that last. Shop our thoughtfully designed products to add more good to your routine. 

We’ve rounded up some of our brands for you to learn more about each!

Goldmine Adaptogens


Goldmine is a woman-founded modern wellness brand on a mission to create tasty & natural stress solutions. Goldmine was founded by Rachael Gorjestani, nutritionist & chef. Adaptogens have been consumed by many cultures for hundreds of years to arm people with stress management. But Rachael didn't like the products that were available in the market. They were either hard to consume, didn't taste good, or the brands didn't speak to her busy lifestyle. So, she sought to create her own. Two amazing products from Goldmine are the Supershroom which focuses on immune support, and the Adaptogen Powder which focuses on  stress support. Just mix and match to suit your lifestyle!

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Activist Manuka


Activist Raw Mānuka Honey is wildcrafted in Aotearoa, New Zealand, using honey from bees that pollinate the native Mānuka Bush during a short seasonal window in between spring and summer. This Mānuka Honey is a beautiful and rare resource with considerably higher levels of enzymes and antibacterial properties than other honey. It is truly one of Mother Nature's special gifts to us. We love Activist honey especially when we feel a sore throat coming; it’s a great natural way for us to heal. We truly feel its healing benefits and we can’t wait for you to see and experience this for yourself.

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The JOI founders connected in grad school when they realized each one made their own almond milk by hand for different reasons. Tony wanted fresh milk that fit with his vegan lifestyle; Izzy wanted to reduce her carbon footprint by eliminating milk carton waste; and Dave wanted to manage his sensitivity to dairy. JOI was born out of the shared goal of creating high-quality, delicious, and environment-conscious plant-based milk that’s far superior to the stuff you’re used to finding at the local supermarket. Enjoy traditional, delightful homemade plant milk without having to spend time or energy!

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Beauty Bar Chocolate

A line of delicious, beautifully crafted chocolate with a purpose. Each bar is designed to give grounded and gentle energy to enhance your day and help you glow from within.

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Kola Goodies

Kola is a wellness brand rooted in South Asian heritage that makes it easy and fun to feel well and good in busy, modern life. Kola demystifies ancient herbal ingredients and wellness rituals while encouraging you to break all the conventional wellness rules and make your own. These goodies are designed to be easily added into your routine.

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Kiss My Keto

Hello Keto friends! You’re gonna love this product line. Kiss my Keto was founded out of a need to create better and more honest products that support a ketogenic diet. It is a brand dedicated to creating delicious goods to support the keto lifestyle. The products are delicious and are more than suitable for those who are just looking for a cleaner, sugar-free treat. Try the chocolate and keto bars; they’re so delicious and will definitely curb those cravings!

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Well Told Health

Sometimes supplements do more damage than harm because of certain fillers or poor sourcing. Well Told focuses on giving you the most bioavailable supplements made from organic plants and nothing else. Even the capsule shells are designed to be the safest and cleanest. Choose from the wide selection of boosters to uplift and balance your mood and energy.

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Ere Perez

Ere Perez’ holistic beauty line is the makeup and skincare line you’ve been looking for. Made from premium powerful botanical ingredients, each product is designed to enhance and work with your skin to create a beautiful glow. All products are vegan, cruelty-free and non-GMO.

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January Labs

January Labs is committed to developing powerful formulas that give your skin a healthy glow by continuously building and protecting your skin barrier– the primary offense and defense for beautiful skin. We believe that keeping your skin in top condition, stimulated for cell turnover and in the proper pH balance is the key to a healthy, radiant complexion. To bring out the best in your skin, all January Labs products are free from: sulfates, parabéns, fragrances and other harmful additives.

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Seeds of Wellness

Seeds of Wellness focuses on the nutritional properties of chia seeds in every opportunity and in the most versatile forms: from seeds to pastas, milks, and shakes. This is possible because chia seeds have one of the highest essential fatty acid content found in plants. Their products are specifically designed to support your healthy lifestyle.

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In light of recent events, we've set up a donation voucher applicable at check out on our site. All donations will be directly given to Fund the Forest PH Initiative. 

Starting today, for every unit of goods sold, we will be donating a hygiene kit to those affected by the typhoon. Donations will go directly to Kids for Kids Donation Drive Initiative. This is starting today, November 17 and will end on November 21, Saturday at midnight. 

Many more brands to come very soon. Visit  to shop our selection of GOODs today.