Rachael Gorjestani of Goldmine Adaptogens

Meet the Founder with Rachael Gorjestani of Goldmine Adaptogens

At Sigla, we absolutely love adaptogens. Some of our staffers have already made the switch from coffee to adaptogen-infused concoctions; matcha lattes, raw cacao, chai, golden latte, the opportunities are endless. There’s just nothing like the feeling of sipping on something delicious that you just know is doing wonders for your health at the same time.

Adaptogens are a group of herbs and mushrooms that help the body cope with stress, whether it be physically, emotionally or mentally, adaptogens help us… well, adapt! These herbs and mushrooms have been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic healing traditions and we couldn’t be more grateful that they’ve made a comeback today. 

We’ve always known that adaptogens are beneficial, but often times what’s available in the market can be difficult to consume or hard to incorporate into our routines. This is why we love Goldmine Adaptogen's powder blends! They’re easy to add into any beverage, delicious, bioavailable, and you can really  feel the benefits a week into taking them.

Goldmine Adaptogens is a female-founded modern wellness brand based in San Francisco that is on a mission to create delicious, natural stress solutions. We recently caught  up with Goldmine’s Founder, Rachael Gorjestani, to discuss all things adaptogens and how she started her brand out of a need to support and cope with stress in her own lifestyle while battling burnout. Relatable? Read on to learn more. 

Q&A with Goldmine Founder, Rachael Gorjestani:

Q: What inspired you to create Goldmine Adaptogens?

A: Goldmine was inspired by my own burnout and adrenal fatigue. Being a modern woman who runs multiple businesses, I was constantly juggling many work responsibilities, projects, and maxed out calendars and inboxes. Turns out, I wasn't the only one this stressed out!

Stress is at an all time high, and has huge negative impacts on health, inside and out. I set out to offer natural ways to cope with stress, boost immunity, and overall wellness.

Q: Tell us more about adaptogens.

A: Adaptogens are a group of herbs and mushrooms that help the body cope with stress.  

Stress has a wide range of effects in the body and we can feel the impact of stress when we get poor quality sleep, are unable to focus, feel a sense of tension or unease -- anxiety! Or have the inability of winding down at the end of a long hectic day. Long term effects of stress can range from feeling “burnt out” which means lacking energy to get through the day, to anxiety and depression - and even other issues like digestive upset and chronic headaches. These symptoms are signs that something is off balance and adaptogens help our bodies fight these negative effects of stress.

Adaptogens support an array of physiological functions like our adrenal glands which communicate and influence many other processes in the body, from blood sugar levels to cortisol production, which is where our stress is processed. By supporting these functions in the body, the result is a healthy immune system, cognitive focus, and physical endurance. 

Adaptogens help us to be more resilient and bounce back after challenging situations with more ease.

Q: What makes Goldmine’s formula so unique?

A: Benefits — We’re a benefits focused company, so we always want that to be number one when developing new products.

Sourcing — Farming practices, sustainability, and transparency of our ingredients is top priority. If we can get an ingredient domestically, we will. And, of course, making sure each ingredient is processed correctly so our customers can reap the benefits.

Taste — We’re striving to create products that can either be added to a drink without changing its flavor too much, and/or products that are delicious on their own without any added sweeteners.

Q: What can one expect to feel or experience when adding adaptogens to their routine?

A: The benefits of adaptogens are seen when herbs are taken on a regular basis, and are wide ranging, differing from person-to-person. The effects can be subtle. Many people share experiences where they face a difficult situation that they handle surprisingly well, and that’s when they know that the adaptogens are working! Others share stories of how they have more energy throughout the day, more focus, and/or feel more ease when navigating their busy schedules. Some other benefits include:

🌿Stress Management

✨Increased Energy

🌿 Immunity Support

✨Enhanced Focus

🌿Recovery from Fatigue

✨Mental Clarity

🌿Balanced Mood

✨Restorative Sleep

🌿Hormonal Balance


🌿Thyroid Function

✨Increased Endurance


Q: What is your favorite way to enjoy Goldmine?

A: I love our Adaptogen Powder blend in a raw cacao latte in the mornings and our Supershroom Immunity Blend in the afternoon with hot water and a little honey.

Another recipe I’ve been loving lately is:

  • 8 oz (226 gram) brewed tea (black tea, earl grey, green tea, etc.)
  • ½ tsp (2 grams) Goldmine (any blend)
  • 2-4 oz (100 grams) of milk, whatever kind suits you
  • 1 tsp (4 grams) sweetener, like honey

Place everything in a blender with an ice cube and pour over ice. Or, enjoy hot!

Q: Tell us more about Goldmine’s blends.

A: Our two blends are formulated to use on their own or together - whichever suits you! 

Our Adaptogen Powder Stress Support blend is a tasty mix of 5 organic adaptogenic herbs that ease stress in the mind and body—chaga, reishi, cordyceps, ashwagandha, astragalus. Herbalist approved, this blend is a really balanced mix of adaptogens to ease stress, boost immunity, and increase endurance and focus.

Resilience to stress and sickness is more important than ever. Goldmine Supershroom Immunity Support is a blend of 4 immune boosting mushrooms and herbs paired with lucuma and ginger for easy drinking. Nutrient dense and packed with our favorite anti-inflammatory immune protecting compounds, polysaccharides, this blend supports and strengthens the immune system.

Q: Have you always practiced a healthy lifestyle?

A: I wouldn’t say I’ve always practiced a healthy lifestyle. It really began in my early 20’s when I lived in a macrobiotic community which taught me the importance of why and what we eat. Since then, I see the connection between how we feel, our mental/emotional state, and what we’re consuming, whether that’s food, herbs, or other types of consumption like the people we surround ourselves with. Health encompasses many aspects of our life, including the health of our community and how we communicate our feelings to others. Of course, food is certainly a pillar of our health and I always like to emphasize eating with the seasons and ingredients grown as locally as possible. 

We all have different experiences and needs, therefore our health journey may look different from others’, or we may be at different stages. I think the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle is self-awareness and to really tune into what you personally need to support your mental and physical well being. 

Q: What are some other ways you cope and manage stress? 

A: There are many systems and practices I do to help keep myself organized, which makes me feel less stressed! But, beyond that, I always try to keep perspective, remember to take deep breaths while I’m working or in a highly tense situation, and get outside! Taking time to take a walk, go to the beach, get into a forest, those things really make a difference in my stress levels. 

Q: Do you have any morning rituals? 

A: When I wake up in the morning, I spend a few minutes breathing deeply with the sun filtering into my bedroom. Some mornings I’ll spend time meditating, tending my garden, or some days I have a lot going on and get right to work! But, I always have a morning drink with Goldmine. 

Q: What advice would you give to women-on-the-go who suffer from burn-out? 

A:  Life’s demands look different for everyone and I certainly can’t downplay the obligations we have to our family, jobs, and community — but, there’s a saying that I think about a lot: “If you don’t take care of yourself, someone else will have to.” Meaning, if we constantly push through our fatigue, responsibilities, task lists, feeling drained and worn out, there will be a breaking point for our mind and body.

We can do more good around us when we have the energy to do so. Take care of yourself! Your health deserves to be prioritized so you can be the best version of yourself and do all things you want to.

Q: Sometimes that means changing our diet, prioritizing our sleep, physical activity, or taking a break from work to take a nap or a walk! 

A: Sometimes things are a bit more serious and it’s best to work with a trusted professional (herbalist, acupuncturist, natural medicine specialist) to get to the bottom of what’s going on for you. Sometimes it can be a nutrient deficiency or another ailment that is at the root of your burn out.

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