Our Budget-friendly Gift Guide

The holiday season is here and despite all that has happened this year, we’re feeling rather festive and ready to take on a new year. This December, all our orders come in complimentary gift wrapping and we also offer free shipping within Metro Manila for the month of December. 

We’ve gathered our budget-friendly list of goods, items PHP 2,000.00 and under, each is guaranteed to make the perfect gift for your loved ones. We don’t think there’s anything better than giving gifts that promote our health and wellbeing, especially at a time like this. Here’s what we’ve gathered for our budget-friendly picks this season!

1. Sigla Mats, PHP 2,000.00

Our Sigla Mats have quickly become one of our best-selling products because of its premium quality, made with polyurethane leather and all natural rubber (yes, it’s vegan!) This mat is grippy and lays perfectly flat on the ground. It is wider than your average mat and comes in 4 mood boosting colours: Pomelo, Mustard, Mint and Ube. The ultimate gift this holiday season! Get them while it lasts. 

2. Activist Manuka Surfer’s Honey 50+ MGO, PHP 1,895.00

Everybody’s favourite Manuka Honey is now in town, Activist’s Surfer’s Honey is the perfect gift for anyone looking to add a healthy dose of sweetness to their routine. We absolutely love Activist Manuka as a natural cure for sore or dry throats, we love it spooned over some toast and nut butter, it’s equally delicious as it is nutritious!

Pair with: Seed + Mill Organic Tahini, you can use tahini as nut butter over toast, drizzled with Activist Manuka honey for a delicious treat! We also love this paired with any healthy drink as a natural sweetener, or make a tonic with lemon, ginger and honey for a warming and soothing drink for the season!

3. House of Waris Adaptogen Tea Blends, from PHP 1,665.00 to PHP 1,698.00

House of Waris Tea Blends never skimps on the good stuff, each blend is crafted with purpose and intention to suit your healthy lifestyle. A treat for all tea lovers, choose between 4 soothing blends

Pair with: Activist Manuka Honey for a relaxing drink and natural sweetener, serve in any of our beautifully-designed SoL Cups.

4. JOI Nut Bases, from PHP 1,420.00 to PHP 1,750.00

A first of its kind in the Philippines, Sigla proudly brings JOI Nut Bases to you. We absolutely LOVE JOI, not only for its versatility but for its positive impact on the environment. Each tub of JOI saves 7 milk cartons from landfill. Once you go JOI, you never go back! You can adjust the consistency of your nut milks and make your own delicious flavours and blends. A wonderful gift for the nut milk obsessed, vegans, and even non-vegans.

Pair with:Foods Alive or Raaka Chocolates Raw Cacao to make a delicious cacao drink using our Goldmine Adaptogens Powders, make salad dressings, soups, pastas, using this as your base. It pairs well with your smoothies too, add 1 tablespoon JOI and 1 cup water for every glass of smoothie you make, you won’t believe how creamy and delicious it gets.

5. Sigla Palm Placemats, PHP 845.00 for a set of 4 placemats

Our placemats are beautifully designed and locally made using buri palm. They are easy to clean and easy to incorporate into any tablescape for its simplicity and classic design. Choose from solid colours such as our pearl pink and carolina blue or go for fiesta green and red for a more colourful and upbeat option. 

6. Sigla Rose Quartz and Jade Stone Rollers and Gua Shas, From PHP 750.00 to PHP 1,000.00

We simply can’t live without our rollers and gua shas, not only do they lift, tone, and help you glow, they also serve as the best tools for lymphatic drainage in our face and bodies. Each tool comes in its own canvas pouch for safe keeping, you can easily carry these in your purse for a quick massage or to help relieve tension headaches. We also sell this in Bundles.

Pair with:January Labs Moisture Balancing Lotion and January Labs Restorative Tonic Mist for a beautiful glow up! We also love using the rollers and gua sha with our Ere Perez Line, Moringa Creme and Blue Cypress Serum, it glides beautifully on the face and leaves your skin refreshed and awakened.

7. Beauty Bar Chocolate Bars, PHP 670.00

There’s nothing more luxurious than our line of specialty chocolates from Beauty Bar Chocolate, infused with adaptogenic herbs and pearl collagen, these bars take care of your glow up  to the next  level from inside out. Keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, and gluten-free, these treats are sure to impress!

Pair with: Our House of Waris Adaptogenic Teas for a nourishing and soothing treat!

8. SoL Cups in 12oz, PHP 1,485.00

Take your morning coffee and tea in our beautifully-designed SoL Cups, free from unwanted chemicals commonly found in plastic products, this cup is made with all natural glass and a silicone sleeve. Comes in three gorgeous colours! This surely won't disrupt your hormones. 

9. Raaka Chocolate Bars, PHP 415.00

A treat for chocolate lovers, our Raaka Bars have distinctively fruity notes because it is unroasted cacao, which allows the natural flavour of cacao to shine through. We love our Coconut Milk, Oat Milk, and Bananas Foster bars paired with coffee or tea, free from refined-sugars and dairy-free making this vegan-friendly.

10. Olio e Osso Balms and Lipsticks, from PHP 1,100.00 to PHP 1,625.00

There’s something very special about these balms as they give you a natural, dewy, and healthy glow. Olio’s balms are olive oil-based (but you won’t taste it!) and are free from chemicals and fillers, it is a healthy and nourishing balm to add to your beauty routine. Glides beautifully on the lips and cheeks and can also be used on rashes and cuts. Our Olio Lipsticks are the perfect complement to its balms, glides beautifully on lips for a deeper and richer hue. Don't you miss putting on your lipsticks? We surely do!

11. Well Told Health Boosters, from PHP 1,400.00 to PHP 1,855.00

Well Told Health’s line of boosters are designed to easily fit into your healthy lifestyle. Select from boosters such as Vitamin D, Stress Fighter, Beauty Sleep and Age Defying, each are 100% made with organic and natural ingredients, including its capsule shells. Free from any fillers and synthetics.

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